An excerpt from the steampunk side project

Which is still growing like a weed.

When I arrive back at the house, the second post has come and brought with it a copy of Larch’s Monthly Magazine and a couple of letters. One is from Micah Ellrington’s wife, and is concerned entirely with one of her children having the whooping-cough. This cheers me up, as it reminds me that whatever I have to bear, at least I don’t also have to put up with a child with the whooping-cough.

In rather less cheerful news, the salver in the hall is sprinkled with visiting-cards. There’s one from a Mrs Pierrepont who I think may be one of the neighbours, with the information that she holds Charitable At Homes on Fridays between two and four. I don’t know what a Charitable At Home is, but my impression is that it will probably involve weak tea and missionaries and I won’t like it.

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