Stumbling Through Paradise

Well over a decade ago (actually, it might be coming up on a decade and a half) a friend read the Unpublishable Novel About Roleplayers and said ‘You write grand sweeping landscapes and then have characters stumbling about in front of them saying ‘um’ and ‘bugger”. I am glad to report that Heavy Ice is […]

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Two Chapter Elevens

So, at present I have two chapter elevens, an idea persistently poking me in the back of the head for the next Requite book (and I wasn’t even planning to write a next Requite book, I was planning to do something else) and everyone I know who writes normal-sized books has finished one, or possibly […]

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Books, friends, other stuff

Bizarrely, The Hawkwood War seems to now be available in .epub format, but The Maker’s Mask isn’t. I have no explanation for how the wheels of Lulu turn. So, if your preferred format is .epub and you read the first book in paperback or .pdf and liked it enough to give the second one a […]

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RIP Kay Dekker

A president might have been conceived today; A book begun, a cause, a truth, an army New particles might flare across a screen; At very least, there wasn’t a tsunami. Such days make years; the years stack seamlessly Like micrometres on a coral reef But someone who I cared for very much Is gone: and […]

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It’s Not A Trilogy*

So, I was out having coffee with a friend today and she mentioned that her husband hadn’t bought my books because he thought they were a trilogy, and he doesn’t like buying the first two books of a trilogy and then having to wait for a third. Now, it’s entirely reasonable for people not to […]

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