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Bizarrely, The Hawkwood War seems to now be available in .epub format, but The Maker’s Mask isn’t. I have no explanation for how the wheels of Lulu turn. So, if your preferred format is .epub and you read the first book in paperback or .pdf and liked it enough to give the second one a go but haven’t got round to buying it, here are some links:

The Hawkwood War on the Apple iBookstore
The Hawkwood War in .epub from Lulu

I’m not sure that’s likely to be a large segment of the reading population, but every little helps, right? If and when the .epub version of The Maker’s Mask surfaces, I’ll let you know.

I feel like I ought to be doing something to add value to this post, like, I don’t know, describing my day’s routine and what time of the day I find it easiest to write, or what’s on my desk (a coffee mug, my Kindle, a flyer for a local builder with a shopping list on the back and a toy sheep) but I’m still dealing with the news from yesterday.

I hadn’t seen a lot of Kay recently, but I just keep thinking of things like the time he let me dye his hair leopard-print in a hotel bathroom, and the fun we had playing, between us, two thirds of the Slytherins in an online RPG, and the last time I went out to dinner with him and Jus in an absolutely terrible Thai restaurant years ago, and his language-geekery and his activism and his generosity.

In particular, I remember his willingness to nurture every lame snowflake or special duck that limped over his doorstep (and I count myself among those, definitely) which somehow coexisted with a total unwillingness to put up with pretention, bigotry, or the habitually unkind. He wasn’t a saint or a pushover. He was just Kay, and the world is so much worse for the loss of him.

I don’t know if he knew how much I and so many other people valued him. I hope he did.

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4 thoughts on “Books, friends, other stuff

  1. I’m very sorry about your friend, it sounds like he’ll be much missed and live on in many fond memories.

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