Two Chapter Elevens

So, at present I have two chapter elevens, an idea persistently poking me in the back of the head for the next Requite book (and I wasn’t even planning to write a next Requite book, I was planning to do something else) and everyone I know who writes normal-sized books has finished one, or possibly two, since I started this one. I’ve been bobbing around on 100 000 words or so for some time, but they’re not anything like the same 100 000 words as they were a week ago. But things are gradually becoming clearer.

Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure the first two Requite books were just as much of a pain in the backside at this point. I think Heavy Ice is going to come out somewhat shorter than the first two books combined (at least, I hope so, because otherwise it’ll break Lulu’s rules for how many pages you can have in a trade paperback). I’m making progress, but right now I feel a great deal of envy for people who write novellas.

At least it now has a dedication: in memory of Kay Dekker, 1959-2011. It’s not enough of a tribute, but it’s all I’ve got.

There was a lot of Kay in Lotus Hart. Or at least, there probably would have been if they’d ever met and Kay’s back was behaving.

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