Stumbling Through Paradise

Well over a decade ago (actually, it might be coming up on a decade and a half) a friend read the Unpublishable Novel About Roleplayers and said ‘You write grand sweeping landscapes and then have characters stumbling about in front of them saying ‘um’ and ‘bugger”. I am glad to report that Heavy Ice is still pretty much exactly living up to that. It’s a much more outdoor novel than the last one. To compensate, Requite 4 will probably consist entirely of conversations in ballrooms.

There were good things in the Unpublishable Novel About Roleplayers, which I will probably cannibalise at some point in the future, and there were a lot of very bad things as well. Including a shop called Well Remembered Realms and a joke about the Plate Mail of the Dwarves that I think only my particular group of Rolemaster players were ever likely to get.

Also, I am on Google+ as Ankaret Wells, if you want to say hi.

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