It’s Not A Trilogy*

So, I was out having coffee with a friend today and she mentioned that her husband hadn’t bought my books because he thought they were a trilogy, and he doesn’t like buying the first two books of a trilogy and then having to wait for a third.

Now, it’s entirely reasonable for people not to want to buy my books. I’ve spent a lot of time telling all my friends that I will not mind if they don’t buy my books. It’s also entirely reasonable not to want to end up with two-thirds of a story. And a lot of SF and fantasy books are trilogies, so when someone mentions that they’ve published two books and are working on a third, it’s not surprising that ‘trilogy’ is what springs to mind.

So, I’m putting it on record now: the Requite books are not a trilogy. The Maker’s Mask and The Hawkwood War started life as one long book, and make more sense if read together, but Heavy Ice takes place two hundred and fifty years down the line with a different cast of characters and some of it’s set on another planet.

* It’s also not a trilgoy, which is what I typed first. I have no idea what a trilgoy is, but judging by the rest of Requite’s vegetation it’s probably some kind of stealthy creeping thing that rises up in a slime-mould like fashion and tries to eat you while you’re asleep.

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