Today’s writing snippet

Today’s quote, which comes out of an otherwise somewhat messy chapter that I have to go through with a pair of shears:

Rafe put steel in his voice. “I’ll ask you again. If I surrender to you, will you give me your word that Ms. Hawkwood will receive the medical treatment she needs?”

Zaxquill stared down at Rafe. Intense was the word for him. Rafe found himself wondering how under the Rings Kallisty had ended up in a sexual relationship with someone who took himself so seriously. “If I give her medical attention – ”

“Full and appropriate medical attention.”

“Full and appropriate medical attention, will you assist me in keeping my people safe from yours?”

“I want safe passage for the vrykol, too.”

“After what you just saw? I am going to have to tell that woman’s mother what happened to her.”

“What are you going to do, put Strat on trial for murder? She’s an animal.”

“So are the Hawkwoods,” muttered someone from below.

Rafe could feel the blood stiffening about his fingers with each slowing shudder of Kallisty’s heart. He stared straight up into Zaxquill Malabranca’s face. “She’s dying. And if she dies here, she’ll have the last word, and you’ll know it all the rest of your days. Every single three o’clock in the morning. Or whatever you savages have instead of three o’clock in the morning.”

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