Postmodern Grandkid of I Get Searches

Mostly, people get to my blog by searching on ‘ankaret wells’ or the name of one of the books. But sometimes Google sends people my way for other reasons.

wil wheaton pseudonym

I am not Wil Wheaton writing under a pseudonym. Though if I was, the books I wrote would probably be very entertaining.

what is the name of the dentist in hawkwood

Apparently there’s the Hawkwood Village Dentist at 13-555 Hawkwood Blvd NW, CALGARY, AB T3G 3K2, but my Google-fu was not strong enough to find the names of any of the actual dentists.

palatino font, critique

The Palatino font, originally designed by Hermann Zapf, is lovely in many ways but I found that it looked odd in long sections of italic, particularly compared to the newer Palatino Linotype, so I ended up setting my books in Bookman Old Style instead.

scum deleted scene

I have no idea why you’re here, but I too admire the work of Ray Winstone!

it’s not a bookstore

It’s not, indeed! It’s an apatosaur! Surprise!

2 thoughts on “Postmodern Grandkid of I Get Searches

  1. Your book are very entertaining even though you aren’t Wil Wheaton 🙂 I love the surprise dinosaur!

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