Weird Next-Door Neighbour Of I Get Searches

WordPress helpfully tells me what people have searched on to find my site, and sometimes I can’t help but respond.

I dislike clipart

I’m sorry to hear that. I find it quite useful.

how is science fiction different from adventure novels?

That is a really good question. If you’re talking about something published recently, then if it takes place more than five minutes into the future or if one of the main plot drivers is something that you wouldn’t be wholly surprised to see as the subject of a BBC science documentary, what you’ve got there is science fiction. If not, it’s probably an adventure story.

If you’re talking about something published prior to about 1970 it’s all a lot more blurry, and so, for that matter, are the boundaries between fantasy and science fiction.

Please don’t ask me to define slipstream next.

ankaret free clip

If you’re looking for excerpts from the books, try here and here. If not, I’m not sure I can help you.

In other news, I think Heavy Ice is about half-way done. Mind you, I have a track record of utterly miscalculating how long things are going to run, so take that with however much salt you choose.

Image © NASA

2 thoughts on “Weird Next-Door Neighbour Of I Get Searches

  1. Apparently someone found my blog by googling ‘hand built pottery project child’ which just makes me wonder if they took the Old Testament rather too literally and opted out of all biology classes!

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