Stepdaughter Of I Get Searches

WordPress helpfully tells me what people have searched on to find my site, and sometimes I can’t help but respond:

find books to sell on amazon

That sounds like one of those careers you see advertisements for in the back of old-fashioned comics, like ‘Make a good living selling scrap metal!’ and ‘Become a commercial artist today!’ You could try picking up boxes of books cheaply at auctions or jumble sales, I suppose.

social networking manners

There should be more of those! In particular, it is terrible manners to mess around with privacy settings in the boneheaded belief that everyone would be happy just being more open, Facebook and Google Buzz.

There seems to be a fundamental disconnect between the kind of (generally white, male) nerds who use their real name everywhere on the Net and think everyone else should too and come out with a lot of smug rhetoric about how no one would want privacy unless they had something to hide, and anyone who’s ever thought ‘Hmm, should I share my legal but off-beat hobbies with every potential future employer? I think not!’ or ‘Do I want to make every detail of my daily life available to my weird ex? Again, no!’

This could easily be sorted out by the ‘I use my real name everywhere, why wouldn’t you?’ crowd getting a grip and a bit of empathy, but I’m not convinced that’s going to happen any time soon.

Also, it’s rude to deliberately make it difficult for people to delete their account, Facebook again. I got some spam the other week saying ‘you should add a facebook button to your blog’ and I’m not sure whether they mean a ‘share on facebook’ link or what, but whatever it is I’m reluctant to do it because I have no Facebook presence and don’t want one.

Tzenni Malabranca

There probably is a Tzenni Malabranca born a few generations down the line, because the Malabranca like to recycle names. People on Requite don’t generally change their names on marriage, though some of them get married under false names in the hope of avoiding the attention of the Order of the Neither. As for how they decide what to give the children of the marriage as a surname, it’s complicated and involves a lot of negotiation.

science fiction short story new planet mask music speak

I hope you find this story, because now I want to read it too.

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