Note to future self

Dear future self: Since we have a book coming out soon, I’m writing to remind you that reading discussion of your books that you find around the web has a tendency to discombobulate you. It may feel as if people are demanding things from you that you find outside your range of competence, not what […]

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His Hell-Bound Hedgehog

Today while making a somewhat doomed attempt to tidy the house I noticed that the general confusion of soft toys in my bedroom had produced a tableau in which Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld, appeared to be carrying off a small grey-furred hedgehog. And then it occurred to me that someone out there has probably […]

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Je Ne Regrette Rien

I do not regret a single damn moment of the time I’ve spent self-publishing. I don’t regret the time I was trying to turn The Maker’s Mask into something that Smashwords’ Meatgrinder software would work with, which involved me nuking the thing back to plain text, sitting there for an afternoon with the paperback open […]

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