Note to future self


Dear future self:

Since we have a book coming out soon, I’m writing to remind you that reading discussion of your books that you find around the web has a tendency to discombobulate you. It may feel as if people are demanding things from you that you find outside your range of competence, not what you were trying to do in the first place, or otherwise baffling in general.

Firstly, they’re doing this because they have engaged in some way with the book, which is what you wanted. Secondly, they’re not actually demanding anything of you, even if it feels that way; they’re discussing it with other readers, and you’re just eavesdropping. Thirdly, if anyone actually did email you directly saying ‘Hey, do more of this and less of that, and incidentally have you considered the implications of this particular thing?’ you are not in any way contractually obliged to do any of it, and also it might be useful. Or it might just continue to be baffling. But if readers baffle you, it’s probably because you baffled them first.

Either way, like Florence Welch says, just keep following the heart-lines on your hand. Because you’re the only one who can.

Much love

Your Past Self

P.S. That thing you’re looking for? You left it on the stairs.

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