Out-Take Friday, 2

It’s Out-Take Friday! This week, an advertising flyer for the latest in Ailebroc biomedical fashions. 🙂


The Makery, Gentry and Professional Sort are invited to consider
the studio of Lodovico Chiang
St. Maarten’s Levels, The Terem, Ailebroc


The Merry Cuckold, with full horns sweeping back from brow

The Dance Of The Forest, a very wearable medium antler

The Coronation, an arrangement of irregular spikes ringing the skull for a pleasing and authoritative effect – a favourite with our bald customers

Gilt or bioluminescent tips extra by arrangement


Keratinous neck frills in fetal, child and adult sizes

‘Rusalk Tentacles’ hair remodelling, in natural tones or patriotic Gentileschi Violet

Fully licensed by the St. Artemisia Medical Tiavod

A discount is offered to those paying in materia

Ailebroc or Haut Desert scrip always welcomed
Other Spires’ scrip considered
Please, no Aeyorn or Rivantia scrip due to the Recent Disturbances

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