The_Antichris, who won the book giveaway, has written a lovely review of The Maker’s Mask: Book One of Requite with a paragraph about Clarke’s Law which made me giggle out loud. An excerpt:

the best thing in the book is Tzenni – she’s a fabulous heroine, geeky, anxious, focused on her job (engineering) and not at all comfortable with swashbuckling adventures, but someone has to do something, so she does. Her intelligence and humour is mirrored in the narrative voice, which is full of a dry wit that makes me want to categorise the book as a SF novel of manners, only a lot more happens than in your typical novel of manners.

‘SF adventure novel of manners’ is my new favourite description of the books and I shall be using it whenever possible.

Also, if you are in NZ, apparently the Book Depository is the best place to find the books without getting stung with ridiculous shipping charges.

In other news: we have more snow.

Image © Ace Clipart

2 thoughts on “Review!

  1. The Book Depository is the place to go for anyone outside the US or the UK, I should think. Free shipping everywhere, and the prices are still very reasonable. (Now to see how long it takes for the book to turn up.)

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