Planetary romance

A nice review from Lera at GoodReads, in which she says that The Maker’s Mask is stylistically in the fine tradition of pulp fantasy. Which, ahahahah, it so is. I used to spend hours happily reading Edgar Rice Burroughs at my grandmother’s flat, among the brass knick-knacks she used to collect and the pot-plants. She […]

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I haven’t been vanity-Googling my nom de plume much, because I think vanity-Googlers mostly hear no good of themselves. But perhaps I should have been… Today, while trying to help my father find my blog, I discovered that Amazon truncates ‘writing historical novels about periods that haven’t happened yet’ to ‘writing historical novels about periods’. […]

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I Get Searches

Shoutout to the person who got here searching on ‘worldbuilding is hard’. You’re right, it really is! Fist bump to the person who got here searching on ‘what will karely be when she grows up’. Happy, I hope. Cheery wave to the person who got here searching on ‘latinus wink’. I have no idea what […]

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Today brought cheering and unexpected news: I’ve sold more books than I thought I had, because apparently the Amazon and Book Depository orders all come through in one lump at the beginning of the month. Who knew? Not me, because self-publishing is a continuing voyage of discovery. 🙂 The beginning of the week brought a […]

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