A review and a recommendation

4 thoughts on “A review and a recommendation

  1. I got that out of the library a couple of months ago, it’s good!

    I’m reading Pompeii, by Mary Beard, and am about to move onto A Time Traveller’s Guide to Mediaeval England, by Ian Mortimer.

    I’m also reading an article by Ian Mortimer in the English Historical Review in which he puts forward a revisionist theory for Edward II!

      1. He takes the Fieschi Letter as a starting point, then builds on it with such unexplained details as why Edmund of Woodstock plotted to put Edward back on the throne in 1330*, gathering men who included the custodian of Corfe Castle, where Edmund believed that Edward was being held, and the disappearance of several royal records which were destroyed by the King’s own hand**. And the fact that Edward paid a great deal of money to an Italian intemediary, some of which went to the Pope, and some of which went to a kinsman of the Fieschi… (Significantly hampering England in the Hundred Years War.)

        *Mortimer also questions why he was found guilty of it, unless Edward was alive, but I think that the plot would have been a crime whether Edward was alive or dead, though a dead Edward II would have been the definition of a puppet King…

        ** The Wardrobe Master, not wanting to be accused of dereliction of duty, made a note to this effect.

  2. Lovely review 🙂

    I’m reading 1920s SF – The Chessmen of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, because you put me in the mood for Sf and the next Vorkosigan books haven’t arrived yet. It is mad!

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