Lovely Review, Also, Clockwork Tea

Kimberly Chapman (author of Finding Gaia, which you really should give a shot if you like (a) immortals who come over as genuine, complex products of a past era finding their way in the present day, (b) sidekick characters with their own strong opinions, (c) lots of intrigue and action, or (d) a killer ‘wow, that’s a gamechanger’ moment in the final pages) has written a lovely review of Firebrand. I don’t normally read or link to reviews, because they’re for readers, not for me, but this one made me particularly happy, so here’s a link:

(Also, frankly, any review containing the line ‘not my cup of clockwork tea’ is worth quoting).

If there is anyone out there who thinks what my books need is more BDSM, I am happy to tell you that Heavy Ice contains an instance of Kallisty helpfully saying ‘What if I tie you up? We both like that,” at a completely inappropriate moment, because if Kallisty was a Sim, hoo boy would she had the Inappropriate trait.

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