Today’s snippet

As so often in my books, two characters are discussing religion.

“I’m KinHarzin.  When the Emperor was Binitarian, I was Binitarian. Now that the Emperor is Dispensationalist, I am Dispensationalist.”

“And what would you be if the Emperor disbanded the KinHarzin?”


In other news, Lulu has moved on since I last published a book in 2013 (yes, I know it’s been a while, I moved house twice and had various other things on my mind) and I have been watching with interest how a friend’s book percolates through the new array of shops available on Ingram, including the Amazon Kindle Store. It’s taking a while to reach the Kindle Store, which would annoy me as the Kindle Store accounts for the bulk of my sales, so at present I’m on the fence about using it myself. We will see.

6 thoughts on “Today’s snippet

  1. I just re-read “Firebrand” yesterday, coincidentally — Kira and I are in agreement that we would love to see more of that world 😀

    And, heh. The KinHarzin definitely don’t suffer from a lack of egotism, do they?

    1. I hope you’ll enjoy the nineteenth century bits of Anna Chronistic when it eventually gets finished! I have vague ideas about doing something with Ravenscar’s family, but they’re very vague indeed at present. 🙂

      1. Definitely looking forward to it! 😀

        (And, in the Firebrand-verse — more warplings, please! I want to find out more about them, and I want Zashera to get thoroughly scotched, and I want more bits of Main Characters Who I Will Not Write Spoilers about, and and and *excitement*)

    1. In the future, people are still annoying each other with witnessing aids and getting into fights about points of theology that come down to ‘a monk somewhere made a mistake while copying’. Because people.

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