Name your baby Ligeia!

I am kind of charmed to note that Appellation Mountain has Ligeia as its name of the day.

As you may have gathered, I got the name Ligeia from the Poe poem, or possibly the Vincent Price film. (I spent a lot of my teens watching Vincent Price films, and I really can’t call it time wasted. I suspect that films like The Masque Of The Red Death are part of the reason so much of the action in Requite takes place indoors).

12 thoughts on “Name your baby Ligeia!

  1. Thought I’d leave you a comment here instead of trying to fit it into a tweet! Just wanted to let you know that AlitheaP bought me The Maker’s Mask for Christmas. I started it on the train home from Edinburgh on Monday and I’ve nearly finished it. I’m loving it! Particularly the characters of Innes and Tzenni. I’ve just downloaded The Hawkwood War and converted it to Kindle format using this tutorial. It seems to have worked well (I tried it out with a knitting pattern first!) but obviously I haven’t read any of it because I haven’t quite finished The Maker’s Mask!

    Hope you are enjoying your Kindle! Thought you might find the link useful too.

    1. Thank you! I’ve downloaded the mobipocket creator software and it seems to be working well so far.

      Also ‘Try a knitting pattern first, and if it works, try this’ may be my new slogan for The Hawkwood War.

      1. Further to this, I also bought both books for The Boy’s brother and he thoroughly enjoyed them, and finished them within a week, which is very good going for him. Innes was a big favourite apparently 🙂

        1. Thank you – I feel like I should take you on officially as my distribution service, though I’d probably have to pay you in drabbles or something. 🙂

          I am always happy when anyone likes Innes. If I were going to have the sort of character where I posted ‘interviews’ with them on the site or set up their own LJ for them or something (which I am not, because that kind of thing often makes me irrationally embarrassed when other people do it, and besides, I have other things to do) it would be Innes.

          1. *giggle*
            That’s okay, I’m happy to spread the word! Although payment via getting to be a test reader for the next Requite novel could persuade me to try harder 😉

            In my household, “that’s so Innes” has become an accepted term.

            1. Hee! I am slightly alarmed that things in your household are being Inneslike on a regular basis, and am now wondering what precisely is happening. Assassinations? Jewel theft? Unsolicited critiques of other people’s fashion sense? Wholesale slaughter of small cakes?

              1. If only our household was that interesting! TV watching mostly, although I think the fashion critiques have probably been jointly responsible.

      2. I may actually have a knitting pattern for you to give people to try soon! I started knitting the Tzenni socks at the weekend and have nearly finished the first one. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out – my knitting group thought it looked good and then I bumped into nineveh_uk on the bus home and distracted her from carrying on reading the book by showing off the sock, and was utterly delighted that her immediate reaction was ‘Oh! It’s got glyphs on!’

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