We’re all live and digital

Now seems as good a time as any to point out that if you buy the digital editions of the books they are pretty cheap. 🙂 I can totally understand not wanting to shell out £13 for a book by an unknown author (though a lot of that’s Lulu’s printing costs, and not anything I can do anything about) but £3.50 is a lot more manageable.

The Maker’s Mask file download

The Hawkwood War file download

As for why the pricing is different, that’s because I never did get to the bottom of why Lulu would only let me price one in dollars and the other in pounds sterling.

And now, to make this not totally about ‘please please buy my stuff’: my cats are fighting each other round a clotheshorse. One of the cats has not worked out that there is another cat behind the washing, and keeps being surprised and indignant over and over again when the first cat launches a ninja strike.

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