Legal deposit

I’ve found Tony Loton’s Book Publishing DIY very helpful in getting my books into print. Since it was published in 2008, there are parts that are out of date (in particular, it recommends Lulu’s Published By You package, which they don’t do any more, and also a lot of the links to Lulu’s help pages are now broken) but it’s still a very thorough how-to manual and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of self-publishing. It also deals with publishing on CreateSpace, if you’re thinking of doing that.

Anyway, I was flicking through it this morning whilst trying to work out whether Lulu was going to withhold taxes on US printings of the book at source or cause me to get involved with the IRS, and it reminded me that I needed to send a copy of each of the books for legal deposit at the British Library.

So, that’s going ahead next week. Two of my books preserved for eternity in West Yorkshire. Yay.

And boo-yah, once again, to everyone who said I’d never finish even one.

2 thoughts on “Legal deposit

    1. Well, it’s literary immortality that’s open to anybody who’s willing to write a book and then fiddle about with PDFs a bit. But I’m still ridiculously excited about it. 🙂

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