More on the giveaway, and my thoughts on WordPress

I will make the draw (and when I say ‘make the draw’ I say ‘run the random number software’, though I have to say it’d be easier if I had a number of entries that matched one of the multi-sided dice in the sitting room) for the free copy of The Maker’s Mask on Friday 8 October.

I have to say that WordPress’s anti-spam software is very efficient. It’s only picked up one thing that I’m not sure was spam (some kind of automated Twitter notification) and it hasn’t let any of the bots peddling weight loss scams or free German software through.

I am also endlessly amused by the feature that shows me what people have searched on on Google to get here. I am slightly boggled by the number of people getting here with ‘require ankaret’ – what do they require me for? – though I think that it’s entirely my own fault for coming up with a subtitle for my book that Google’s word-completion engine was going to turn into something else.

I think the most memorable search so far has been ‘late man face mask’, so, without further ado, here is a picture of a late man’s face mask.

The Mask of Agamemnon, discovered in Mycenae in 1876 by Heinrich Schliemann.

You’re welcome.

About Ankaret Wells

Writing, self-publishing and the strange search strings that lead people to my site.
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10 Responses to More on the giveaway, and my thoughts on WordPress

  1. coughingbear says:

    I have typed ‘require ankaret’ into Google at least once – my fingers just went that way…

  2. Alithea says:

    That feature amuses me too, I’ve had some very random things come up as leading to my ceramics blog!

  3. Ros says:

    On my now-dormant theology blog I had a post about the day I went to Amish country. One of the most regular search terms that brings people to the blog almost every day is ‘Hot Amish chicks’. I can’ help but feel that I am spreading disappointment all over the internet.

    • ankaretwells says:

      Hee! Evidently there are people on the Internet looking for porn of *everything*. If I’d known that earlier, I would not have entitled an earlier post ‘it’s twins’. 🙂

      Though actually, mostly so far I’ve had people searching for clip art or asking technical questions about wells, which makes me feel a bit guilty that I’m being no help. There do also seem to be a lot of people who want PDFs of commercially published books that I’ve mentioned in passing, though.

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