Giveaway! Win a copy of The Maker’s Mask

These books are going off to the legal deposit library:

But this book is going to someone picked at random from the comments to this post.

The beads aren’t going anywhere, I just hadn’t noticed they were on the table and then I thought they looked pretty.

So, leave a comment if you want a free book! I’ll post worldwide, and you don’t have to know me – in fact I think I’d prefer it if it went to someone who didn’t know me, because then it wouldn’t look like favouritism. But I have no control over this, because the winner will be picked at random.

What’s it about? It’s about courtesans, programmers, revolutionaries, genderqueer bodyguards, technological tinkerers, assassins and eels. It’s about technology that’s very nearly indistinguishable from magic and enemies that are very nearly indistinguishable from family. It’s about 375 pages long. Why not give it a shot?

20 thoughts on “Giveaway! Win a copy of The Maker’s Mask

  1. MEMEMEMEMEMEME! Er… me, please?

    I really, REALLY should not buy books, as I have (officially) No Spare Cash…

  2. I have already bought a copy (page 124, loving it) but I’d love to win a second copy because then I could lend it to people!

  3. Oh please! The household budget is refusing to do anything helpful these days, and I’d been trying to calculate how much Christmas money I might or might not get.

    (Am Sillymouse in some contexts)

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