Guess the carol or Christmas song

from the Requite character’s reaction to it!


1) “I would very much like to run some tests on that old top hat they found.” – Tzenni Boccamera

2) “Even I know that it’s foolish to put your baby in anything a vrykol customarily eats out of.” – Ligeia Boccamera

3) *approval of depicted weather conditions* *approval also of offerings of warm flesh* – A Grue

4) “Anything that behaves like that isn’t a star. It’s probably some kind of Founder debris in a decaying orbit.” – Idrian Hawkwood

5) “Teaching children that the people who make lists and check them twice, and who know when you are sleeping and when you’re awake, only visit once a year and wear easily recognisable red clothing? What a good idea…” – The Order Of The Neither

6) “What could be more festive than seeing three profitable ventures return at once?” – Ushantih Diallo

7) “No one ever wrote a song about doing up the halls with boughs of vinog, I know that much,” – Innes Liang

8) “I’m in favour of getting enough rest and not being dismayed at any time of the year, and the rest of the tidings sound delicious too.” – Lotus Hart

9) “If some woman doesn’t want to swive you, open the door before she stabs you with something, Cristobal.” – Bel-Imperia Hawkwood

10) “Hell yeah you should sleep while you’re watching your flocks. And if anyone turns up, it’s definitely an angel of God and not some Hawkwoods.” – Kallisty Hawkwood

And a very merry Christmas or happy December to all of you!

3 thoughts on “Guess the carol or Christmas song

    1. It nearly didn’t happen, as I planned to include ‘Winter Wonderland’ but went off on a tangent trying to work out what the Requite equivalent of a Communion wafer was because Ligeia thought that if you incorporate one into a snowman it might technically be legal for that snowman to witness marriages.

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