I write long books.

Today I realised that Kallisty’s uncle Hawkwood Prime is played by Sir Patrick Stewart, which (a) explains why he’s managed to persuade so many people to marry him, and (b) is going to be a serious impediment to killing him off if I find the plot requires that. Today’s writing also featured one of the two characters who carry over from the first two Requite books, and the discovery that Aeyorn has a Stupidly Dressed Teenage Gang problem of early 1990s proportions.

I often feel I should apologise for waffling on about a book that I’ve been writing for a couple of years and that is over the hump but nowhere near the final stretch, and occasionally I wave my arms at my husband and emote along the lines of ‘I write LONG BOOKS! It takes me a long time!’ and he tells me to stop stressing myself out about it. But, well, I write long books. It takes me a long time.

Finally, someone reached my website recently by searching on ‘erotic story set in convent’.

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6 Responses to I write long books.

  1. Helen says:

    😀 I love the idea of Patrick Stewart playing Hawkwood Prime! Although after that photo my first thought about the teenage gangs was ruffians vs swashbucklers.

    You needn’t apologise to me, I enjoy the teasing and am sure it/they will be worth waiting for. I’m going to reread the other two once I’ve finished Cryoburn so I can torment myself with wanting more all over again 😉

  2. You write long books! Hurrah!

    • I do not write erotic stories set in convents. And yet I’ve had three disappointed searchers so far. Maybe Google is trying to nudge me in the direction of what’s selling.

      • Possibly they think that Latinus should be in an erotic story set in a convent?

        • I just got a search on ‘3D tentacle porn’. I can totally believe that Google thinks Latinus should be involved in that. Though to be honest if he did somehow find himself in a convent he’d probably just hang about discussing music and theology with whoever was in charge of the choir.

          Bel-Imperia in a nunnery, now that would be a story

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