I’m sorry about the unpleasant little ‘Ecopressed’ ads that are appearing in single post view between the post and the comments: these aren’t my doing, they’re WordPress inserting content, and I’m trying to decide whether to pay for the ‘no ads’ option to get rid of them or just migrate the blog to my own domain. I realise WordPress has to make its money somewhere, but I’m a control freak, and I really don’t like seeing those things there.

I do own a domain at, which at present is pointing here, but my husband bought it for me from and all my previous dealings with them have been a total pain in the backside, so I’m reluctant to go and tangle with them again unless I can help it.

In the meantime, if you have a WordPress account and are signed in, it appears to make the unwanted ‘Ecopressed’ adverts go away.

Sorry for the rather negative post! To make up for it, another Lulu code: enter RAINUK to get 20% off any order up to £100.

4 thoughts on “Ecostressed

  1. Unless things have changed recently, I don’t think you can just pay for a no-ads option on WordPress. They do have ad-free VIP accounts but you have to have over a million hits a month even to be considered and the cost is exorbitant. Us mere mortals have to put up with it. But I sort of feel that if people haven’t worked out how to install adblockplus, they probably don’t care about ads that much anyway.

    1. For some reason yesterday I could not get Adblock Plus to get rid of the things, though they seem to have gone away today. It’s been behaving a bit weirdly ever since I upgraded to Firefox 4.

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