Very exciting news! Requite books available on Kindle!

The first two Requite books are now available on the Amazon Kindle Store! Here are the links:

The Maker’s Mask (The Books Of Requite)
The Hawkwood War (The Books Of Requite)

Here is an excerpt from The Maker’s Mask, to celebrate:

Kjarten Helm sat down on one side of Tzenni and offered her some wine and an entirely manufactured smile. “How interesting to see you again, Lady Tzenni.”

“When did you last see your brother?” countered Tzenni.

“Every night in my thoughts, when I pray for his safety.” The wine glittered in the smoky air as it tinkled into the glass. “Don’t you think people might already have asked me this?”

Tzenni blinked up at him. “It’s a dinner-in-state. We’re stuck here with each other for three hours at least. We’re going to run out of things to talk about anyway, so we may as well start with your brother and move on to aren’t the candles arranged nicely and what an interesting way of serving…” She looked down at the thin slices of meat on her plate.

“Goat,” supplied Kjarten. He stirred his own plate with a fork. The sides of his mouth tweaked themselves upwards. Tzenni caught herself thinking that he must have been an absolutely enchanting little boy, and probably never got blamed for half the awful things he did. “Probably goat,” he amended.

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