Good news, bad news

Good news: barring any more unexpected hiccups in the process, the books are now on their way to the Kindle Store! I turned out to have misread the form on the Amazon site – it looked as if you had to provide US tax information wherever in the world you were, but it turns out that you don’t, and when I changed my country from the default ‘United States’ on the form to ‘United Kingdom’, the box asking for a US tax identity went away. Yay!

Bad news: my computer is intermittently giving me annoying errors, which I thought was a problem with Firefox 4 but now seems to be more widespread. I’ve run a virus scan which came up clear and so did Windows’ ‘check for problems’ dialogue, so I’m now hoping it’s something that can be fixed without uninstalling and re-installing Windows. Fortunately I have friends who know more about this kind of thing than I do, for which I feel very grateful indeed.

Image from Dreamstime Free Stock Images

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