Out-Take Friday, 4

Ways in which I actually have described this book to people:

“It’s about a loud redhead with glasses and a big backside who swears a lot.” (Friend, dryly: “So, nothing like you, then?”) “Also a lot of people in the background are deconstructing the concept of the Divine Right Of Kings.”

“If this book was an operating system, it’d be called Kallisty’s Not Tzenni… except that there isn’t really a good acronym for that.”

“Galaxy-spanning space opera! On a single planet. Mostly on the back of a single tyrannosaur.”

“About half the plot of the first two books, in about eighty percent of the space.”

“Not what anyone wanting more Requite has asked for in any way.”

Ways in which I have described some of the characters to people: (bonus – if you’ve read the books, guess the character!)

“Even if they got Benedict Cumberbatch in to play him, he’d still be a pain in the arse.”

“Basically a girl and her pony.”

“About as much like Sergeant Taura as Innes is like Sergeant Bothari.”

“Schrodinger’s KinHarzin.”

“Sheldon Cooper, only brought up in the retinue of Genghis Khan. Also loosely based on my husband.”

4 thoughts on “Out-Take Friday, 4

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch would be *brilliant* at that. Except then lots of people would get the wrong idea and think he was meant to be the hero. Even with the pain-in-the-arse-ness.

  2. I especially want to meet Not!Taura and Not!Sheldon now (also am fascinated by the Innes/Bothari comparison now I think about it some more – superficially very different but similarly traumatised in some ways). Can’t wait til I get my hands on a copy 😀

  3. *grins* I won’t spoil the answers for anyone else, but I e-mailed them to you!! *bouncebouncebounce*

    LOVED the book, and while it may not be “what anyone wanting more Requite has asked for in any way,” it’s better due to being totally unexpected, and therefore delightful!


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