In which it’s not so much of a launch, more a confused hovercraft


Okay! So, I have been planning to launch Heavy Ice on the 1st of December. However, I haven’t been able to find a button on either Lulu or Amazon that says ‘make this book available on this date’, and it takes longer for the paperbacks to get listed on Amazon than it does for the ebook versions, because the ebook versions go straight to the store via Kindle whereas the paperbacks make their way there via the Lulu distribution process.

So, it all involves a balancing act in which I try to juggle ‘will I need to get another proof copy because the cover is wrong?’ (which happened with Firebrand) and ‘what on earth is up with this table of contents and how can I fix it?’ (which happened with The Hawkwood War) and ‘why does Lulu have two different .epub versions of the same book? (The Hawkwood War again, and I never did get that one sorted) and then reveal to everyone on the 1st that ta-da, it’s live, if it seems like your kind of thing then please go and buy it.

Except that copies of Heavy Ice are already starting to move, and the last thing I want is to penalise the people who actually read my blog in favour of people who don’t by saying ‘No, you can’t have it yet! Ignore the book behind the curtain!’

So: if it’s convenient for you, it would be helpful for me if you bought on Sunday, particularly if you’re buying from Amazon, because it helps to push the book up the sales lists if a lot of people buy it at the same time. However, if it’s more convenient for you to buy the book before then, by all means go ahead, and the links are below to help you find it. The paperbacks have not reached the Amazons, so if you want a paperback (and I’m sorry about the high price, but at least you’re getting 734 trade-size pages for your money) Lulu is your only option at present. The .epub will probably show up on the Apple iBookstore at some point in the next few months.

I hope that clears things up. Any questions, leave ’em in the comments. Also, if you’re buying from Lulu, they’re doing a free shipping promotion at present – between now and 3 December, get free shipping on up to 14 items with code FREESHIP at checkout.

Heavy Ice in .epub from Lulu

Heavy Ice in paperback from Lulu

Heavy Ice in .mobi from

Heavy Ice in paperback from (not yet live)

Heavy Ice in .mobi from

Heavy Ice in paperback from (not yet live)

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