Reasons why I have this blog

Why did I start this blog?

Partly to promote the books.

Partly because I am really interested in learning processes, and I wanted to document the journey from not having a clue to how self-publishing worked to… well, having more of an idea exactly what I didn’t have a clue about.

But also, partly in the hope that when the books do come out, I could say things like ‘You know, the fig perfume Vikenai wears is BPAL Intrigue, and the pine-needle perfume Zircon wears is BPAL Loviatar’ or ‘I saw the actor whose appearance I borrowed for Karely Mukhtar on an early episode of Highlander, but I’m not sure I can face watching my way through the first and second seasons again to find out which one’ and have people know what I was talking about.

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