Borrowing hero names from inappropriate places

A lot of Requite’s backstory got put in place just so that I could justify calling my hero Latinus Malabranca. I originally ran across the name in, I think, a Penguin History of the Church: it belonged to a cardinal, and I promptly swiped it and gave it to a vampire in the Vampire: The Masquerade campaign I was running at the time. (I think he even had a Ghoul by the name of You Imbecile, though I’m not certain). And when I was looking for names to populate Requite with, it fitted.

I’ve just discovered via Googling that he was also known as Latinus Frangipani Malabranca, which I wish I’d known when I was giving his namesake a string of middle names so that the heroine could be rude about them, because none of the ones I came up with was anything like as good.

Anyway, I’m now reading Alice Hogge’s brilliant God’s Secret Agents, about the Catholic underground in Elizabethan England, and I keep wanting to name a hero after the General of the Jesuit Order Everard Mercurian. I doubt I’ll actually do it, but it’s a fabulous name.

4 thoughts on “Borrowing hero names from inappropriate places

  1. I’ve just discovered via Googling that he was also known as Latinus Frangipani Malabranca

    Need I say that I am now imagining the conversation upon the birth of his first legitimate son (and indeed, all other legitimate children)?

    Also, I may steal Everard Mercurian. I suspect he is an Ambassador.

    1. I did actually keep wondering throughout the book what the various principals were doing in your alternaTudorverse! It’s great – balanced and well argued and she has this amazing knack of making it easy to keep who’s who straight in your head, which is a consideration when practically everybody is a Catholic priest.

      I may just give Altair Malabranca Frangipani as a middle name.

    1. His successor was called Claudio Aquaviva, which is very nearly as awesome. I am boggled that none of the baby name blogs out there have had a Name Your Child After A Jesuit week.

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