Bizarre spam comments I have had lately

Viagra dire event warning tag

Reminder that this is not the Existential Flame War.

You may be entirely perfect.

That’s nice. I still use too many semi-colons, though.

Various spam promoting French rappers

Seriously, give it up. I’m not going to promote French rappers. My knowledge of French popular culture stops at Francis Cabrel.

And finally, to the spambot that knows who it is:

Nope, I refuse to believe that anyone’s fetish is that specific.

In other news, writing Heavy Ice continues to be a voyage of discovery. Today, it has been a voyage of discovering that things Kallisty says can actually shock me, and I invented her.

6 thoughts on “Bizarre spam comments I have had lately

  1. These are just the highlights! It’s mostly just weirdly babelfished comments pretending really badly to be praise of the site lately (‘I ornate this best article, very merchandise!’), which makes a change from the previous run of German warez d00ds. Also, there’s someone who shows up occasionally saying ‘you should add a facebook button’ that I’m 99% sure is spam (because it’s always different email addresses) but is baffling either way.

    1. Oh, just what I needed this morning – thank you! I blame Francis Cabrel entirely for the way that when I try to speak French, my Cs come out halfway between a C and a G. That and being taught French A-Level by a brilliant woman who had us reading Therese Desqueyroux and trying to transcribe Edith Piaf songs, but whose spiritual home was Spain.

  2. You’d fit in well in Corsica, then: that’s the way it’s pronounced here, too. I’m sure I’ll eventually lose my all-too-Northern French accent and start sounding Corsican ….

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