Random assortment

I like websites that log you in and keep you logged in. I get mildly annoyed about websites that expect you to log in every day, but I realise they’re doing it for security reasons. But websites that keep you logged in for a long but unspecified length of time and then randomly log you out annoy me the most, because I can never remember my password.

Cecilia Tan has a great series about the type and design process for self-published books. (There’s a display of Cecilia Tan’s enviable number of book covers at the top of the page, which may contain NSFW imagery) I wish I’d had this a year ago. Though I’d probably still have tried to do it in Word, because at that point I was in a state of ‘No, I do NOT want to learn the ins and outs and charming quirks of yet another cranky piece of software’ due to having to share my husband’s UNIX box.

I was a fair way into the first Requite project before I realised that it was basically Beauty And The Beast. (If you are now envisioning You Imbecile as an anthropomorphic candlestick and Kjarten as a cheeky teacup, I can only apologise). It’s taken reading Charles C. Mann’s 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created to make me realised that the new one is basically Pocahontas. With more dinosaurs, assassinations and, now, same-sex relationship angst, obviously. I’m now wondering how to work in the interesting facts I’ve just learned about earthworms.

The very random image for this very random post comes from Bad Postcards.

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