European adventure for the books, and musings on Mills and Boon

So, slightly to my surprise, my books are now available in paperback from Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon France and Amazon Spain, and on the Kindle from

In other news, I’ve been enjoying reading this year’s round of Mills and Boon New Voices. I started reading Mills and Boons when I’d just finished my A-levels and felt that if I tried to read anything literary ever again my head would explode, and I’ve come back to them again and again ever since. However often I get driven away by books featuring pregnancies, weird virgin fetishes or heroes who have somehow managed to get to the top in business despite having slightly less sense than the stupider one of my cats, I always find myself coming back for the sparky heroines, the fantasy settings and the promise of fifty thousand words of escape. Also, I know that they’re not going to involve zombies, which helps. Well, maybe there’s a Nocturne involving zombies, but it hasn’t come my way yet.

And the books have just bought me a new winter coat, which is a good thing, because I have an evil cold. I need to shuffle out in a minute to buy Strepsils and painkillers: I may be some time.

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2 thoughts on “European adventure for the books, and musings on Mills and Boon

  1. Congrats on the books paying for the coat 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! Colds are miserable, I’ve been feeling crappy all week too 😦

    1. The cold seems to be on the wane today – hope yours goes that way too. And I now have a whole new set of Kindle Stores to check to see whether anyone’s bought a book from them yet!

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