That 7×7 meme from everywhere

1. Go to page 7 (or 77) of your current WIP.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

Since I have two WIPs, you get both.

Heavy Ice:

Kallisty felt triumph lance up through her all the way from the crux of her saddle to the back of her throat, fierce and savage like desire. “I claim this salvage under Ordnance in the name of the Hawkwoods,” she said. “Witnessed by Ushantih Khan and – hey, does that crazy cult of yours let you witness things under Ordnance, Besnik?”

“It’s not a cult, and you know I’m not allowed to swear oaths, and you’ll be sorry when the Prophet comes back,” said Besnik with a stolid lack of offence.

“Who else is a citizen?”


“Do you truly want to know why I came here, your Grace of Coranza?” I snarl at him. “Do you? Or have you made your mind up for yourself, and you won’t hear a word I have to say?”

He takes a step back to give himself room to make a stiff-backed bow to me. Not mockingly, as Zashera would do it. As if he and I were at a parlay, trying to prevent a battle that we both knew was coming. “Speak. I’ll listen.”

3 thoughts on “That 7×7 meme from everywhere

    1. It is utterly mad – it’s gone from sunny to blizzard, to hail and back to sun umpteen times this afternoon. I know Scotland is famed for 4 seasons in one day but I’ve never seen it go from 23 degrees C to a blizzard within a week before!

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