New year, new house, new Kindle Paperwhite, new plans.


So here I am settled into a new house, with a new Kindle. (The picture is of me reading Meg Kingston’s The MonSter and the Rainbow, for her competition to win a copy of her new book. Go and enter!) Only one of these things was expected.

My old Kindle died the afternoon of the day after we moved in, which had also included (a) the new storage heaters releasing eye-stinging fumes, (b) me opening a window to release the eye-stinging fumes, (c) the sudden worry that the World’s Stupidest Cat had escaped out of the window, (d) the discovery of the World’s Stupidest Cat hiding safely in a drawer of my husband’s desk, and (e) very soon after this, the electricity going out just as a new washing machine and fridge were due to be delivered. It’s all got a lot better since.

I’m getting on better than I expected with the Kindle Paperwhite – I really like the way it makes it easier to flip back and forth within the book, and the features I didn’t want were easy to turn off. I also appreciate the seamless integration between reading a sample and reading the book itself once you’ve bought it. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why it wants to connect to the Internet every time I add something to a collection, but I’m sure it’ll all shake out.

I’m plotting out a short project and doing slow, careful worldbuilding for another project which will almost certainly not be short, and there’s also the Requite-through-the-ages story and poem collection on the back burner, so I’m hoping 2014 will be a productive year. At present I’m really enjoying being in the early stages of writing again, which I think is understandable when you consider how long it took me to write Heavy Ice.

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