A few quick links

Tom Cox talks about his covers in The Long Road To Three Good Book Covers: A Timeline. About which all I can say is that cute as the ‘actor kittens’ are, putting them on the cover instead of The Bear is like putting a sixth-former who thinks he can act a bit into King Lear instead of Sir Patrick Stewart.

Ros Clarke talks about the economics of Kindle MatchBook as applied to print on demand. I make ridiculously little on paperbacks sold through Amazon. I put them up there because it makes me feel good to see my work in print on Amazon and because Lulu’s ordering process can be annoying and byzantine enough that it puts people off buying from there at all, and a sale that makes me ridiculously little is better than no sale at all.

Natalie Luhrs patiently unpicks the dynamic of unprofessional Twitter behaviour.

5 thoughts on “A few quick links

  1. Bah, i didn’t realise the disparity between your earnings from Amazon and Lulu was so great, or I would have ordered from Lulu instead. I shall have to make amends by recruiting more new fans for you 😉

    1. I’ve been thinking about that too, for when mine comes out. It’s true that you make a lot less from an Amazon sale, but sales there have other benefits with respect to rankings, ‘also-boughts’ and verified reviews. Lulu sales bring more immediate return, but if a book takes off, it’ll happen at Amazon, not at Lulu. So, tl;dr, don’t feel bad.

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