More book sightings

Exciting news – The Maker’s Mask is now available on, and The Hawkwood War is apparently on its way, if inexplicably high-priced. Please let me know if you spot the books for sale anywhere else online!

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Amazon, here we come!

This weekend’s adventure is… setting myself up as an Amazon affiliate. Dealing with Amazon itself wasn’t too bad: there was a minor blip when I opened the application form and discovered that for some insane reason thought my primary address was an old address of my brother-in-law’s that I once sent a Christmas present […]

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Ask me questions!

Coming soon: a giveaway of the paperback of The Maker’s Mask. I’ll open the post for that as soon as I’ve, er, opened the post from Lulu and the book’s in my hands. I don’t think there’s likely to be a postal strike or similar, but I just don’t want to be offering to give […]

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Legal deposit

I’ve found Tony Loton’s Book Publishing DIY very helpful in getting my books into print. Since it was published in 2008, there are parts that are out of date (in particular, it recommends Lulu’s Published By You package, which they don’t do any more, and also a lot of the links to Lulu’s help pages […]

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Mummy, where do books come from?

This is going to sound ludicrously arrogant, given that I’m white, cisgendered, more or less able-bodied, and from a First World country: but when I look back at why I’ve started writing books, most of the time it’s because I’ve been irritated that the books that were already out there weren’t reflecting me. No, I […]

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Rate my books at Lulu, please?

If you’ve read the books and liked them (or even if you’ve read them and disliked them, I’m all in favour of honesty) could you do me a huge favour and rate them on the Lulu site, please? Here are the links: The Maker’s Mask The Hawkwood War If you were also minded to write […]

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