Rate my books at Lulu, please?

If you’ve read the books and liked them (or even if you’ve read them and disliked them, I’m all in favour of honesty) could you do me a huge favour and rate them on the Lulu site, please? Here are the links:

The Maker’s Mask

The Hawkwood War

If you were also minded to write a short review, that would be great. I know I rely a lot on the reviews when buying other people’s self-published books from Lulu. 🙂

Also, shameless plea for help: does anyone know how to make WordPress automatically Tweet that I’ve made a new post on my blog? My husband refuses to read anything unless he’s alerted to it via Twitter, but can’t remember how he made his own blog do it.

Finally, in case you missed it: family trees for the Malabranca, Kapellans and Boccamera are now up on this site. I’ll probably do the Hawkwoods next and then the Gentileschi.

14 thoughts on “Rate my books at Lulu, please?

    1. Thank you!

      I just imagined Tzenni meeting Miles and the world would not be safe. Though at least he wouldn’t be fazed by her being followed around by a sarcastic person with Views on the subject of binary gender.

      1. I can imagine that! I must order the next Vorkosigan book soon, I’m in the mood for more SF adventure romance now 🙂

        Have reviewed book 2 for you now too, hopefully wihtout being too spoilery.

      2. I can definitely envisage the pair of them investigating exactly where the drainage systems went and saving the universe in the process. But only after coming extremely close to blowing it up.

    1. Quite okay, I genuinely think they deserve a wider audience. I’ve plugged them on FB and our RP society forum but I’m afraid that is about as much as I can do, other than prodding the Boy to spread the word too. You’ve given him an idea for a Fading Suns campaign based on Requite apparently! If you fancy writing an RP game/supplement he knows someone who does that kind of thing for a living… Selfishly, I would rather you get on with writing Heavy Ice 🙂

      1. Tell him he’s welcome to borrow what he likes from it for a RPG as far as I’m concerned, and if he wants an extremely basic map of what’s where (and I mean *extremely* basic – it’s just there so that I didn’t put Haut Desert east of Civitavecchia in one chapter and west in the next) I’ve got one that he’s welcome to.

        I’m not wholly sure what to do about getting it a wider audience: I’ve tried reading a few SF / fantasy review blogs but they don’t seem like the right kind of place to plug it for various reasons (a ‘no self-published books’ policy being the most usual one) and most of the review blogs I do read concentrate on romances.

  1. Maybe it will be easier once they are up on Amazon given how popular it is. A few reviews comparing them to Lois McMaster Bujold and vice versa might attract some new fans.

    1. Well, I’ve ordered an extra copy of Mask and am going to do a giveaway on the blog, so hopefully that will generate a bit of interest.

      I can’t wait for the amazon listing. Even though I only get a really tiny royalty on Amazon sales, it still feels like having a real book. 🙂

  2. I’ll let the Boy know re: the RPG, thanks. I shouldn’t encourage him too much though, he’s already running one tabletop game a week, organising the society LARP and being treasurer and events co-ordinator for the year, on top of starting a degree!

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