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Note to future self

Dear future self: Since we have a book coming out soon, I’m writing to remind you that reading discussion of your books that you find around the web has a tendency to discombobulate you. It may feel as if people … Continue reading

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No megafauna were harmed in the making of this post.

I’m a little over three-quarters of the way through editing the second draft of Heavy Ice, and… somewhat less than that… of the way through breaking in a pair of lace-up boots that were originally a pair of ice skates. … Continue reading

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More photos from Asylum

I will go back to blogging about writing soon, I promise. Click to embiggen. A better look at my Saturday daytime costume, including beautiful leather holster from Vontoon. What I wore to the ball. I’m not really sure what I’m … Continue reading

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Other things I Learned From The Goth Scene

Because I’ve been thinking of these all day. – Any scene that’s been around for more than five years or so is liable to get into a sine-wave state of oscillation between ‘The scene is dying! We must recruit new … Continue reading

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It’s Business Time

I decided to order business cards to take to Asylum, so that when interesting steampunk people give me their cards I can offer them mine in return, and so that in everyday life when people ask me what I do … Continue reading

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First Contact

So, Heavy Ice is lying fallow until I’ve got enough perspective to see the shape of it and turn it into a second draft, and I’m busy with research for the new thing. Well, I say ‘research’ – for every … Continue reading

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New look for the blog

Having bought enough stock art from to make it worthwhile, I’ve made a new header for the blog. There’s also a new picture of me with one of my cats, because the Internet is for cat photos.

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