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Lulu are having a promotion in honour of Oktoberfest – enter code CHEERS at the checkout, save 10% on your order. Maximum saving £15, offer ends 22 September. I’m not sure whether this applies outside the UK but it’s got to be worth a go. This has got me thinking about what my characters would […]

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We’re getting into single-digit weeks, if not days, until the books are available, so I thought I’d share this, which I wrote ages ago for Frankie after having sat through Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It’s a trailer for the Requite books, if they were a film. IMPOSING MUSIC PLAYS. SHOT OF THE SWARM RISING, FROM […]

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There is progress being made. Honest. The story so far: I thought I’d order a proof copy of The Maker’s Mask before I got into the whole trying to buy an ISBN thing. The proof copy arrived. I took one look at it and snatched it back from my husband saying ‘You can’t read this […]

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