Reasons why you should buy my books

1) If you buy the file downloads, it’s pretty cheap! For the price of a posh coffee and a muffin, you can have something I’ve been working on since 2003. Has someone been working on that coffee and muffin since 2003? I sincerely hope not!

2) If you like my fanfic, it’s a lot like that! Except that it’s not fanfic.

3) Do you like romance? It has a strong central romantic storyline! Do you like action and adventure? It has swordfights and explosions! Do you like intrigue? It has lots of that! Do you like an immersive secondary world setting? It has one! Do you like the sort of heroine who solves problems by thinking them through, and occasionally by dismantling toilets? It has one of those!

Do you like vampires, angels, urban fae, and realistic engagement with the possible physics of interstellar flight? It has none of those things. Sorry.

4) I am crap at self-marketing, and cringe even at writing ‘familiar with Microsoft Office’ on a job application. Therefore, if you buy my book, you won’t have to see me trying to self-promote again, and we’ll all be a lot happier.

5) REQUITE: it’s about love, jewel theft, first contact situations, and how sometimes saving the day is the easy bit compared to standing up to your family. Buy it if you think it sounds like your kind of thing. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Reasons why you should buy my books

  1. How do you feel about other people publicising your books? Have been wondering about tweeting them/linking on LJ etc but wanted to check with you first.

      1. As I was saying to Ros, I would be very grateful! It would be great if more people knew the books were out there. Thank you both very much for checking, though – I appreciate it.

      1. Brilliantly, the Smart Bitches have just put up a ‘pimp your friend’s self-published book’ post, so I have done just that.

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