Books are now on Lulu, Amazon listing coming soon

So, about half an hour after I posted that ‘the books are coming on Monday!’ post last Friday, my Internet went out. The engineer has just come to fix it, and as long as it isn’t the router (which it may well be) it seems to be fixed for now, and I’ve managed to get onto Lulu and make the books available. They’ll be available on Amazon in six to eight weeks if you’d prefer to buy from there.

Here’s the page for The Maker’s Mask and here’s the page for The Hawkwood War. Both are available as a paperback or a PDF download. If you’re looking for other ebook formats, that’s kind of out of my hands, and I suggest you make your views known to Lulu. 🙂 I hope these links are working for people who aren’t me, but it might take a while for the change from ‘private access’ to ‘general access’ to percolate through Lulu’s system.

I’d say I was feeling both excited and terrified, but actually I got through ‘excited and terrified’ on Friday: since then I’ve been through ‘busy running a D&D game’, ‘bored with no internet’ and ‘wondering what on earth the Virgin Media engineer was doing with the cables on the outside of the house, and whether my cat would come out from under the bed any time soon’ and am now into ‘waiting for pizza’.

So, here the books are. Thank you very much to everyone who’s read the blog and made encouraging comments: I hope you enjoy reading the Requite books. I wrote them for you.

5 thoughts on “Books are now on Lulu, Amazon listing coming soon

  1. The links work for me.

    Congratulations! I hope that having done this has given you lots of confidence to go on and write and publish more.

  2. Links work for me too, although I couldn’t find the second book using your name for some bizarre reason!

    Anyway, many congrats, I’m just ordering mine now 🙂

    1. Yay, and thank you!

      I couldn’t find it either: it kept saying ‘none of the interesting things on Lulu match your search’ which made me feel as if Lulu was calling me uninteresting.

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