10% off my books!

Lulu are having a promotion in honour of Oktoberfest – enter code CHEERS at the checkout, save 10% on your order. Maximum saving £15, offer ends 22 September. I’m not sure whether this applies outside the UK but it’s got to be worth a go.

This has got me thinking about what my characters would do at an Oktoberfest – I suspect that Innes would wander around with a stein in each hand miraculously not spilling a drop (and probably pickpocket drunken revellers, unless Tzenni gave specific instructions not to), the Boccamera riders would get drunk and sing very rude songs, and Tzenni would wander off to take a look at some arcane piece of brewing equipment and see whether she could take it to bits to make it work better.

2 thoughts on “10% off my books!

  1. Sorszenna would wear a *very* tight dirndl, and wonder how she could get more people to look at her in it.

    (Innes would go sadly unnoticed – the waitresses there can carry *several* steins in each hand without spilling a drop. But probably don’t pickpocket people at the same time)

    1. She would, too. It would probably lead to her foisting herself on an oompah band and playing the triangle in a suggestive manner.

      I am in awe of anybody who can walk from bar to table with one drink and not spill it all over their feet, so I would probably just watch the waitresses in slack-jawed admiration.

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