Book rec, and longer sample of The Maker’s Mask

I recently bought N.K Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms because I’d read the first three chapters on the webpage and got hooked. (I would link to N.K Jemisin’s webpage, but it seems to have been hacked – it’s, anyway, and hopefully it’ll be back soon) I recommend The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms highly. N.K Jemisin turns the ‘mortal with really, really non-mortal and unsafe lover’ trope inside out and upside down in a way that is both fascinating and satisfying, and the worldbuilding is wonderful. Also, I adore Sieh.

Anyway, this convinced me that making longer excerpts from the books available on the site would be a good thing, so the full first chapter of The Maker’s Mask is now online. So, now you get to meet Innes Liang. I’m not sure whether this is a selling point, but at the very least it’ll let you know what you’re getting into. 🙂

I haven’t decided yet what to do about The Hawkwood War, as the first chapter is as spoilery as a very spoilery thing.

Also, thank you to everyone who has bought a Requite book already! I really appreciate it.

In other news, this morning I am off to a cupcake tasting with Madame Guillotine. This is much more glamorous than what I usually get up to on a Friday morning, which generally involves shambling around in an undercaffeinated state addressing dopey remarks to the cats. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Book rec, and longer sample of The Maker’s Mask

  1. Thank you for the sample chapter! I read it and will heartily recommend it to others, because I think it’s well written and the characters seem like interesting people. And I know you can tell a story. But, as you know, fantasy is not really my thing and my head was spinning with all the names and places and families and unfamiliar world after just a few paragraphs, so I don’t think I’m going to attempt the whole thing at the moment.

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