The draft goes ever on and on

I do not love being in the late stages of a book. But one of the things I do love is seeing my characters do things on page 650 that they couldn’t have done, or wouldn’t have thought to have done, on page twelve. Also, I realised last night that Kallisty uses ‘sorcery’ to mean […]

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Today’s snippet from Heavy Ice: Vane looked around. The balcony was not precisely full of people. It was more that a crowd was pressed out around its back edges, like a nervous pie-crust. The front of the balcony was conspicuously free. He searched for faces he could put a name to, among the blur of […]

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As the first draft of Heavy Ice lumbers towards completion, there are things I begin to realise. One of them is that I could write flowery declarations of love when I was fourteen; but now I am forty-one (or at least, I will be tomorrow) and I have a ton more experience and yet writing […]

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I have somehow managed so far to put in no physical description at all of one of the major characters of Heavy Ice, because every time he’s around we’re deep in his personal viewpoint and he’s got things on his mind besides stopping in front of a mirror. (Actually, that’s not totally true, I think […]

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Today’s writing snippet

Today’s quote, which comes out of an otherwise somewhat messy chapter that I have to go through with a pair of shears: Rafe put steel in his voice. “I’ll ask you again. If I surrender to you, will you give me your word that Ms. Hawkwood will receive the medical treatment she needs?” Zaxquill stared […]

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Things I am doing right now

Writing a sex scene from a man’s point of view. I don’t think I’ve done this since I was about fourteen. It’s very weird. I keep second-guessing myself: it’s all very well writing confidently about the details of riding across an alien landscape on xenoraptors, because no one reading the book will have done that, […]

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Return of the blog

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog since July. Let’s just blame Mr Foo the Lovable Pixie for that and move on. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s writing: “I have knowledge you need. You have knowledge I need. Truce?” “I have knowledge you need, and water you need, and a vrykol to carry you out […]

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