Days of future multiplied

I have made the executive decision that since I already had a vaguely planned-out future history for how we get from here to Requite (yes, it is all in my head, I contain multitudes) it could just as well do for the time-travel thing (provisionally entitled ‘Anna Chronistic and the Scarab of Destiny’) which I […]

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I’ve sold slightly more .epubs and slightly fewer .mobis since Kindle Unlimited came in. Given the numbers involved I suspect this is just noise, but it’ll be interesting to see whether the trend continues.

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Today’s comparison that a character came up with with no mediation from me: “It smells like a re-enactor’s attic.”

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I am back from the wonderful Weekend At The Asylum – thank you very much to the wonderful organisers of the Victorian Steampunk Society for providing us all with such a splendid time. Lincoln is a lovely city and all the steampunks and interested locals were very friendly. An awesome mechanical birdcage from the Gadget […]

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Placeholding Cephalopod

Placeholder post so that a picture of me with bits of ironmongery on my head isn’t grinning out from my blog where it’s syndicated on Goodreads. I’d been noticing links coming in to the blog from a Goodreads page for a while, and finally followed the link and discovered that someone had set up an […]

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