Balancing Cogs On The Cat


Heavy Ice continues to progress. I live in hope that it won’t outgrow the Lulu page limit, and also that the Hawkwood family tree that will need to go in the back will fit on a trade-paperback sized page.

Meanwhile, the website continues to get visits from people with surprising search terms.

Dear person searching for ‘steampunk kittens’: I would also be interested to know about steampunk kittens! I could try balancing cogs on the head of my very laid-back Maine Coon if anyone thought there was enough interest.

Dear person searching for ‘who is ankaret wells’: Alas, I think I am unlikely to be tapped to succeed Matt Smith as the Twelfth Doctor. However, if I am, I promise to wear a fez.

Dear person searching for ‘ankaret wells firebrain’: I think you may have given me the title for my next book.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

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