Placeholding Cephalopod


Placeholder post so that a picture of me with bits of ironmongery on my head isn’t grinning out from my blog where it’s syndicated on Goodreads. I’d been noticing links coming in to the blog from a Goodreads page for a while, and finally followed the link and discovered that someone had set up an Ankaret Wells page there, for which I am very grateful. I don’t go near Goodreads myself for various reasons [1], but it’s useful that people who do use it have a central place to find reviews of my books.

I don’t really know why the cephalopod. Probably because there is a pirate squid-queen on the fringes of Heavy Ice who might well have a bigger part to play in a future book.

[1] Reading reviews makes me crazy; reviews are for readers, not for me; I don’t want to review books on there; I don’t want to get whether I like someone’s books and whether I like them as a person squished together in some kind of social networky messiness; I don’t have the time; and did I mention that reading reviews makes me crazy?

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